Put your imagination in control of your machine shop!
CADLink Classic is an easy-to-use,  yet highly sophisticated tool for Computer Aided Machining.
It dramatically speeds up the task of designing and producing components with CNC machines - the computer takes on the tedious and error-prone parts of the process, such as punching in numbers or calculating toolpaths.
Click to enlarge Suitable for:-
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Turning
  • Wire EDM
CADLink is packed with useful features and functionality, and it's famously simple to learn and use! In fact, it's simple enough to be a first CAM system, and yet it's so versatile that it will remain your first choice for years to come. CADLink is a fully featured Drawing and Design Tool, capable of importing and editing drawings in a variety of formats (including DXF and IGES), and able to create accurate toolpaths and code for almost any CNC controller. CADLink's impressive list of features will increase productivity and profitability over the whole range of engineering design and manufacturing.
Design information can be entered directly on-screen, or can be read in from other drawing or CAD packages. The post-processor is fully configurable, so CADLink can create machining programs for a wide variety of CNC machine controls, and can readily be adapted to suit others, both old and new. Time-saving features make CADLink the automatic choice. CADLink Classic includes extensive Help, configurable postprocessors, toolpath and program editing, and comprehensive RS232 serial communications facilities.
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