CDL-V3 Standard 
You can create and edit geometry with a range of drawing tools chosen to be especially useful for mechanical engineering, or you can accept data from CAD systems in DXF or IGES format. You use the geometry to define cutter paths for each operation, along with the tooling information.  

When you have assembled the complete job, you can review and edit the result, and post-process the job into CNC code for your chosen machine tool.

All CADLink systems are supplied complete with program editing and RS232 communications tools for downloading programs to the shopfloor. 
   The STAR symbol links you to demonstration screen-shots
  Multiple Viewports
In Milling, CDL-V3 allows the simultaneous viewing of your drawings from 4 separate angles.
Beyond-the-Screen Buttons  

Where better to put those useful, occasionally needed links to Post-processor, Comms, Program Editor than right off the edge of the screen? They donít take up any valuable space, but they pop into view just as soon as you go to look for them! 

Tilt Control 
The Main screen can be viewed from any angle to enable easier selection of "hidden" objects. View control is by a "Joyball" selector, and shortcut buttons (ISO, XY, ZX, ZY) enable quick selection of commonly used views.
The Layers in CDL-V3 can be named, to help distinguish their functions. You can also associate a default colour to each layer if you wish.
In the file menu, BROWSE presents you with a pictorial menu of available drawing files, so you never lose drawings because you forgot the filename
Tool Tips 
Let the mouse hover over a screen item, and a short explanation of its purpose will pop-up to help you with the learning process.
Font Selection 
You can take advantage of any font installed on the host computer for viewing and printing Annotations.
Win2000 Help
The extensive help in CDL-V3 is styled on the Win2000 model, with menu-style navigation and hyperlinks to let you find what youíre looking for faster than ever.
While Turning,  roughing and facing operations can tackle horizontal and vertical recesses.
Whenever you create a new element that is outside the current field of view, Autofit can zoom the drawing scale to include the new element. A great time-saver.
CNC NotePad Program Editor  

View Extents lets you see how much space the programmed part occupies without having to dry run the machine.  

The infinite file length capacity of CNC NotePad will handle program files as big as will fit in your computer for editing, re-numbering or global axis transformations.

 COM Port Testing  
Setting up Comms can be a tricky business: with CNC Terminal Comms, you can save hours of setup time by making sure youíre starting with a functioning port and cable!