CNC Terminal
RS232 CNC Communcations 
CADLink's CNC Terminal can be used to send or receive RS232 data through any of the four serial ports COM1: to COM4:
It has a comprehensive choice of configuration settings to enable problem-free program transfers to a wide range of controllers. 
Simple and informative user interface
Comprehensive and flexible configurations to set up each of your CNCs CNC Terminal's control panel makes it very easy to apply different forms of encoding and formatting.   

Commonly used settings may be saved, so that if you have a variety of machines, each machine's optimum settings may easily be recalled.   

CADLink's CNC Terminal comes complete with a CNC Program Editor, which allows viewing and modifying of programs - or indeed any other text file.    

However, it has some special tools and features that you will not find on "normal" text editors.    

  • Renumber
  • Time/Date
  • Convert ISO
  • Convert EIA
  • Ascii table
  • Easy View 
  • All Upper
  • Axis Transformations
  • View Extents (See Picture, right)
See the extents of the program in all axes