Unattended DNC Solution
Multi-channel PC to CNC Communications
Now you can connect up your CNC machines for DNC or RS232 communications without tying up your serial ports! Multi-Comm can use the USB socket of your computer to provide four or more extra RS232 connections for your machines. No slots, no IRQs, no worries!  Of course, if you have conventional RS232 ports, these can be used as well.

Multi-Comm has 4, 6, 9 and 12 port display options., so you can run a mixture of Multi-Comms simultaneously - giving control of up to sixteen CNC machines at once.

User Interface
USB to CNC? YES, with Multi-Comm Simple, user-friendly interface makes sending and receiving programs straightforward and trouble free. Programs can also be saved or requested remotely from the CNC for added convenience. As each machine has it's own permanent connection to the PC, no operator intervention is required. Multi-Comm includes automatic event logging to give you full control over your workshop comms.  

(The picture shows one sort of suitable USB - RS232 Hub. Hubs are not supplied by CADLink) 

System Requirements
Multi-Comm requires a P3 or higher CPU, with any 32-bit Windows operating system. For operation with USB ports, Windows 98 or 95B is required. If using Windows 2000, NT or ME, check with your hardware vendor for USB driver availability in these environments. Multi-Comm can also be used with conventional in-computer RS232 ports provided by a multi-serial port internal card.