CADLink UK was created to service the growing demands for the CADLink product range.
CADLink, the budget CAD/CAM system, had been developed over the past three years, and had already achieved considerable commercial success, both through direct sales and through Anilam, where it was sold under the brand name Clearstart.
At CADLink Our philosophy was - and still is - to provide a simple to use product that was within the budget of the one-man band machining company, while at the same time offering enough features and usability that CADLink would still be attractive to more sophisticated users of CAM.
In addition to the UK-wide network of dealerships which offer training and after-sales support, there are established CADLink distributorships in USA, Europe, Scandinavia, and South-East Asia.
CADLink has appeared in numerous OEM guises with considerable success - including Clearstart for Anilam, Tech-Cam for Technicut, R-CAM for Reichenbacher, SuperCamPro for William Watts, Camwell for GNT and Camation in France. Working with OEM users provides valuable feedback to ensure that product development is always market-driven.
CADLink is still an entirely British product, with all code authored in-house and under our complete control. We believe this is essential to providing the right product at an affordable price, with an impressively short development cycle for introducing new features.
In every major market sector, CADLink is an entirely competent CAM system, with a down-to-earth and realistic sense of what the market needs, and a determination to provide it at a realistic price

We are still interested in appointing additional distributors in various parts of the world.
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