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CADLink V5 Advanced Milling Features
CADLink V5's Advanced Milling Features allow certain types of 3-dimensional shapes and toolpaths to be generated.
Revolve uses an axis of symmetry to generate surfaces whose cross section at any point is circular. This can include simple cones and cylinders, or more complex "bottle" shapes. The resultant form may be recessed or upstanding.

Sweep takes a cross-section shape and combines it with a X-Y swept path to create regular 3-D surfaces. The cross section is generated perpendicular to the swept path at all points along it's length. Swept paths may be closed or open, and the resultant forms can be created as recesses or upstanding material.

Taper applies an incremental offset to successive depths of cut while milling, creating a shape with sloping sides. Different values of taper, up to 45 degrees maximum, may be applied to different parts of the profile.

Trail is used to sharpen internal corners in tapered pockets, when using a conical pointed-tipped tool. At corner wall intersections, the tool is steered diagonally on an angled sloping path, so as to create a sharp crease.

Points on Chain allows the creation of sets of evenly spaced points along any continuous geometry, or matching sets of points along a number of separate chains. Where more than one chain is active, additional lines will be generated joining the corresponding points so created, which could be used for "blending" two dissimilar profiles with a smooth surface.

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